Museum of Me: Untitled

By Hanna

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Object: Bracelet

This object is a bracelet, which is like a zip. I have four of them and every one has a different colour. It was a gift from my dad on my 11th birthday. I haven’t moved it from my hand from the time that I first wore it. People like to ask me about it.

Object: Tablet

It is a tablet, which is very special to me. I had it when I was ten years old. I learned how to write Arabic from it. It has lots of memories with my best friend, with my family and with my sisters. It is very old but very nice, it still is with me now but it is not working. I have a lot of photos of my best friend and my older sisters and that’s the best thing in it.

Object: Shirt

This object is a shirt, it’s like a school shirt. It has a tie and skirt but I don’t have them now, I just have the shirt. I got it from China. It was very special for me. Me and my sister were fighting for it, but when I got it, I had to find it somewhere that no one would find it, and it is still hidden until now. It’s a white shirt, and it also has my name on it.

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