Museum of Me: Untitled

By Fargin

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Object: My doll

This object is a doll and I have had it since 2010. I named her Akoara. It has pink hair, it is a mermaid and when you wet her hair it turns to purple. She has a pink, green and yellow tattoo on her arm and around her neck. My story is when me, my sister and my parents were in a public shop, we were going back home and I saw a store that sold dolls. There were different dolls and I was screaming because the others were very old so I wanted one of these dolls. My parents bought for me and my sister the cheaper ones, they were Akoara and Aril.

Object: First phone

This object was my first phone, it was a Nokia. The colour of it is grey and it is so small. The story of the phone was my father bought a new one, and gave his old phone to my sister to share it with me.

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