Museum of Me: Untitled

By Shams

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Object: My first picture with my first phone

The first picture that I took from my first phone. It’s a story from five years ago. When I was nine years old, I got my first phone. When my dad gave the phone to me I was very surprised. Tomorrow, I had to go to the mountain with one of my friends. So I had the phone, and I was hanging and I was very happy. When I went to the mountain it was showery and rainy. Just to check the camera, I took a picture of the environment. When I looked at the picture it was very attractive. And now, even though I don’t have the phone, I still have the picture still. 

Object: My favourite pet

I am a kind of person that loves dogs, but I have a favourite dog which is a bulldog. I never thought that one day it would be sleeping in my house. I had a normal dog as a pet, which was with me from the time it was a puppy until it’s death time. When my pet died, I was feeling lost, everywhere, all the time. But I never thought my new pet would be a bulldog. When I went to the pet shop I saw an angry bulldog there; in the first look, I liked it. I told my dad to give me money but it was very expensive, so I told him I will buy this or nothing else. 

I started working with my cousin to have money to buy it. My dad gave me half the money and I earned half by myself. Finally it was time to buy the dog. That is when I got the dog in my hands. I couldn’t believe it. I started feeding it, and gave it the name of “Bull Bull.” it’s age was too short, after one year I lost it in the park. His age was short but his memory will be with me until I die.

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