My first cool pet ever that saved the town

By Natalie, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

A old grumpy man that lived alone and moved houses to get closer to the shopping market, then when he moved he was so lonely beside he would sleep all day or he would watch the news about an ad that said Buy a cool new dog it a great price and great quality and it like your best friend servant at the same time get it now before time runs out tick tock tick tock. 

Then he was thinking twice about it then he went to press the order for the coolest dog until he wasn’t sure if he really needed one so he thought again how much fun he would have had if got it so he accidentally pressed order then the next day it came in front of his front door. He heard happy barking  then he opened up the box that had a sign that said fragile. Then he looked at it as if it was his wife that died a month ago.

 But that reminded him of her. So he had a great happy smile. He actually smiled for a very long time. He was staring at it as he wanted it to come to him. Just then he waited and waited but nothing, his smile was getting uglier every time he wasted his time. But he named it mufti and started to get used to it. They actually had really great fun and friendship. They were on the way to the shopping market until a burglar came in with his weapon and told the lady at the register to take all the money out, otherwise you guys stay in this small market. And not see your Family again you hear me. 

So they all nodded their heads until Mufti appeared flying like an angel and stopped the burglar than everybody was congratulating him then he was in the newspaper.  On the Tv and people talking about him. Then he got real famous in their town then the old grumpy man was not so grumpy anymore he was as happy as everyone would be.

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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