My Little Brother by Yousef

By Yousef, Year 4

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Last year I found out that my mum was pregnant. I jumped with happiness and I felt excited and I said “finally God answered my prayers to have a little baby brother in our family”. Days come, days go and it was the day my mum gave birth. I couldn’t  wait to see the baby. I went to the hospital to see my little baby brother. I was shocked at how small he was and how tiny his fingers were. The next day my mum returned to our house and we welcomed the baby and celebrated together. We made a nice decoration and balloons for the baby and when they arrived we stood in the front door and threw candy in the path with my grandma and my two grandmas cheered. It’s our tradition to welcome the baby when he arrives at the family house. We eat together and have a very good time together with our relatives and my family. The first week was so exciting to me, I usually wake  up at 7:30 am to prepare myself to go to school, but that week I woke up earlier without alarm to see my baby brother and trying to convince my mum to hold and kiss him. My mum was letting me hold him with her help and kiss his hand, not cheeks, because baby skin is so sensitive. I was very happy to hold him everyday before going to school and took photos with him. After days, I began to feel something different, that baby took all the spotlight on him while it was on me before his birth. That feeling makes me sad a little bit, but at the same time I love my brother a lot. Then after months, I got used to having a baby in our house and I realised that my mum and dad loved me and my siblings so much. I learned to not compare myself to others.

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