My Nightmare Dress

By Nancy, Year 7

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Once a lady was lying down in her comfortable bed and then she remembered a very embarrassing moment which was when she was in a wedding and she and another woman were wearing the same dress. The date of this moment was 8 November 1998. That happened ages ago, but she still remembers it.

I can imagine her standing there and everyone staring and laughing at her. The woman ran out of the party crying, she was running to her car. She just wanted to go home. Then when she arrived home she ran to her room and cried for a long time then she made a decision she told herself I will never go to a wedding again and I will never buy a dress from that store and I will tell ALL my friends to not go to this store. But the worst part was that she was so excited to show her friends that dress (the dress was expensive). 

That woman would never forget that moment. This woman was very disappointed in herself now she learned that she has to be more selective in what she wears and what she buys. Actually, I feel BAD for her to go through that because I personally like to be unique because I have a personal style that I like to stick with and I wouldn’t like for someone else to be wearing what I am wearing. I wouldn’t be imagining if someone else wore my clothes. Actually, one day I was in the shops and I saw a girl wearing a T-shirt that I have but it is a good thing I was wearing a different T-shirt. If I wore this T-shirt I would have been so mad and when I get home I would immediately throw it away or give it or something but I wouldn’t wear it. But thankfully that didn’t happen. So we always have to be  selective of what we wear or buy and not do everything in a rush. ALWAYS take your time buying clothes.

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