Narrabeen Man

By Larissa, Year 7

Written as part of Factory Feedback

The Narrabeen man was discovered in 2005. His bones were found by contractors in the suburb of Narrabeen, Sydney. These were the remains of a 4000 year old aboriginal man. This meant that the remains of Narrabeen man is one of the oldest found in Australia.

The Narrabeen man was an old aboriginal man that could have been in 30-40 years of age when he had died. We know this because scientists used carbon 14 dating you found this information.When he had died he was not placed in a traditional burial position because his bones were just where he had fell and was not place as we would say “beautifully”.A range of spear points were located in his body particularly in his spine. This evidence suggests he committed a crime and he was killed for it.


His last day:

His final day went like this. He started by fishing at the beach at dawn to catch his lunch for that day. He heard a noise but didn’t think anything of it and kept catching his lunch.the day had gone by and it was time for lunch it was fish and lake water. He had finished his lunch and was about to go back home when all of a sudden a tribe of Aboriginal men formed a circle holding spears around him and said “ you must die for what you have done” then he got spears thrown at him and the last one was thrown right into his spine. The Aboriginal men buried him deep into the ground and was left there for 4000 years.

We now understand that the Narrabeen man was murdered.

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