Naughty Lilianna Learns a Lesson by Leana

By Leana, Stage 3

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Who was afraid of who so let’s tell you.  Lillianna was a big responsible girl afraid of the big wide world she grew up with in her castle walls. She had long brown hair that is 14.22 m long. She has a good personality and she has a stone hearted heart. She has an older sister that she hated. Lillianna was very disobedient. She is a beautiful girl that is only 10 years old but she looks like an ultimate teenager.  Her older sister is also pretty. One day when the moon light was shining brightly then she saw the haunted horrifying and spooky Woods. By the way if you were wondering how Lillianna looks well it’s time you knew. She looked in the mirror but she didn’t see her reflection….  TO BE CONTINUED… or maybe not. 

At night she thought everyone was asleep, but she was so wrong so at 2 a.m. she got up and got dressed and ran for her life towards the door then she suddenly saw her curious, smart beloved sister guarding the door so she distracted her by throwing a rock on her head. She realised that she made her sister unconscious but before this happened she remembered her sister’s voice echoing through her head “don’t go in the woods, because there are creatures hiding in the dark”. Although she was little, yet smart she didn’t care so she just went with no thought about what would happen. 

Basically she just went anyway as she started running she heard terrifying voices and noises. She looked back but she realised that she was lost so she continued her way to the woods. She was terrified as a lost baby bird and scared as a tiny mouse lost in the woods like her. If you were wondering how she arrived she came by running.

 Liliana went into the woods, far away from the creature that is following her. She was afraid and alone as she remembered her sister’s warning of not going into the dangerous, creepy and ancient woods. Then suddenly she heard something creeping behind her and started to talk. It told her don’t worry, just follow everywhere I go, top over When’s and the valley low give you everything you’ve been dreaming of just let me in with you.  And soon she was hypnotized  and walking on cold thin ice then it broke and she woke again then she ran faster and started screaming is there someone out there please help me.

Everyone realised that she was gone and did not return for 29 days so they made the FBI but they didn’t find her so they gave up.

She’s in the woods somewhere but everyone knows that she will return one day hopefully.


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