New York

By Tahlia, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

I was standing looking out the window to see the magnificent view of New York City. It was a cold, windy autumn day. I gazed out of the window again to see thousands of yellow taxis go up and down Maple Avenue. I looked down at the table to see my hot chocolate going splash from the marshmallows. The smell of the hot chocolate flooded my nose. The TV was playing the noise of loud yellow taxis honking their horns. I picked up my hot chocolate and it burned my hands. I had a taste of my warm hot chocolate and it was so hot it burnt my tongue. I overheard thousands of voices, so I went to my window and I glanced out to Central Park. As I saw the horses with the carriage on the back trot down the park, I glanced down at the lake to see the sun reflect on the smooth water. It blinds me in the eyes. I shut my window to block out the sun and the voices from below the apartments. New York City is a wonderful place I would love to visit.

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