Over one word by Lana

By Lana, Year 9

Written as part of Factory Feedback

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As a young girl, I do the things that any other regular girl would do. Go out with friends, take walks, attend a regular school, and do regular things.

I enjoy going to school in general, but the main disadvantage is that I am constantly bombarded with words as if I were a trash can. We live in a society that enjoys categorising people. Well, I’m a tad on the large side, and I’m well aware of it.

Look at her, she’s slimmer than you. You’re fat, disgusting, and ugly. Why aren’t you dressed like that?

It bothers me to know that I’m not popular because of my appearance, but I’m hopeful that one day that will change and that I will be able to change my looks so that people would like me.

I’m a little disappointed because I don’t have many friends that don’t get embarrassed walking down the halls to class with me, but I’m glad I have a small group of friends. I’m picked on almost every day, being pushed down the stairs and having my books flung out of my arms is something I’ve become used to, despite the fact that I’m shattered and empty on the inside.

I feel like school is my only escape from reality because my house is chaotic. It’s suddenly okay to throw insults at me as if I’m not human. “You will not finish that plate of you disgusting little animal”. I feel like letting my life go. There is no point in living if I am always made fun of because I am being thrown at me everyday like I know I am big. No need to keep reminding me just to make me feel miserable. It’s so sad to see I am not wanted. Maybe I should just give up and I would be doing the world a favour.


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