Raven’s Eye

By Kai

Imagine waking up in a cell strapped to a chair, how would you feel? Well, this
is what happened to Ivan. The metal shackles were cold on Ivan’s wrists and
the wooden chair was rough on his back. They had stripped him down only
leaving on his pants.
He heard footsteps in the distance, was it the ISP? Ivan would soon
find out. There was a woman in a dark blue mechanic’s jumpsuit with a red
bandana around her right arm. She had red hair and there was a man in a
leather jacket and black pants. He was bald. There were also two guards in
jumpsuits and balaclavas. One of the guards slid open the rusting cell door.
‘Okay, let’s make this quick. Who are you?’ the man asked.
‘My name is Ivan Volkov,’ Ivan replied, ‘who are you?’
‘We are Raven’s Eye and what are you doing down here?’ the woman
‘I’m escaping the Enforcers,’ Ivan said, while looking at his feet.
‘But why? You are one of them,’ said the woman.
‘I shot my commander. He was making us kill some people who
didn’t deserve it. I want to join your cause,’ Ivan said.
‘He’s not lying ma’am, he’s already on the Hunters hit list,’ one of
the guards said.
‘Okay, Ivan, you’re in. My name is Rebecca, the head of this group,
and this is Adreane,’ Rebecca said.
‘I still don’t trust him, Rebecca,’ Adreane hissed.
After Ivan was released, Rebecca gave Ivan a jumpsuit and told him:
‘Go into that room and put this jumpsuit on and then I will explain what our
purpose is.’