Scapegoat by Khushbakht

By Khushbakht, Year 8

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Scapegoats an outcast,

Scapegoat rises in their failures, 

Scapegoat drowns in their touch,

Scapegoat craves no attention,

“Is it worth it?”


Scapegoat’s acts unbothered,

Taking the blame,

Saying his fine,

His trapped in their shadow,

In the corner of their eyes,

Waiting for a wrong move,

Taking him out,

Scapegoat asks himself,

“Is it worth it?” 


Scapegoat’s craving emotion,

Crying at the lake,

Scapegoats nothing more than a burden,

They continue to never understand his pain,

It’s simply nothing more but a game,

Scapegoats question leaves unanswered,

“Is it worth it?”


Scapegoat can’t sleep at night,

In the tide he drowns

Doesn’t want much but to be left alone,

Their words hurt more than intended,

Scapegoats always silenced, 

afraid to be heard,

“Is it worth it?”


Trapped in alternate universe’s almost every night as he dreams to be at another sky,

“Nervous reck” is what a bystander would call the boy,

Uninvited and frighted,, 

Living in their world but barely getting by,

Wishing to be away from reality,

Talking to the moon like he had no other choice,

“Is it worth it?”


Scapegoats merely hanging by a string,

Hardly breathing but somehow not dead,

Falling apart almost every other night, 

Jealousy and envy destroying him quickly and quietly,

Slowly drifting apart from everything,

Choking on his own breath,

They continue to stab him,

“It’s worth it”

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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