Sensations Through Nature

By Eva

Written as part of A User's Guide to a Pandemic

A flower blooms,

opens up to the sun,

breathes in the warm rays of daylight.

Nurtured by the moist soil,

admired by crawling garden creatures.

Brought to life by the dew,

that lies as a web in the early mornings.

Sings to the butterflies,

as they flutter by in the afternoon.

A baby deer is frolicking through the woods,

stirring up the grass and butterflies,

leaping into the air.


When all play is done,

her long legs carry her over to her mother,

where she sinks into sleep.

Her mother stands over her to protect,

admires the way her chest rises and falls,

as she sleeps in peace.


A tall tree,

rising above the forest.

The stern old tree,

with its flaking tissue bark.

It sheds but is replaced with a new skin,

ready to endure the elements of the forest.

The rings show the age and wisdom,

but hidden to those on the outside.

The father of the forest,

looking over,

a safe haven he provides.

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