Sustainability by Tim

By Tim, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Hi, today I will show you how to live more sustainably. Sustainability means meeting our own needs without needing the ability of future generations. There are ways for families to live more sustainably such as recycling, stop wasting plastics or waste, reduce using electricity, etc.

Firstly, there are over 2 billion of waste that is traveling around the world not being picked-up. There are ways to reduce that. We should all use traveling bottles, bags and other stuff that can be reused. And remember to put trash in the correct bin. If everyone uses this technique, trash and waste will be reduced heavily. And will be very good for us and the environment.

Secondly, Electricity can also be easily wasted by us humans in such ways as leaving lights on and not turning it off, forgetting to turn off computers or technology etc. There are also solutions to help this problem such as using sunlight instead of electric lights in the morning and only using it at night if needed. And only use technology when we are doing work or free time only.

Thirdly, Money is vital to our lives and we must be very careful of what we will spend it on. We mostly use money to do shoppings. But there are ways to spend less money on shopping such as the 3 r’s reducing, reusing and recycling these things might be simple but it is also very helpful for us.

Lastly, living a sustainable life is very important and good for us. If we live in a sustainable way of life it will be a much easier and healthier way to live. Doing these steps to be sustainable is extremely easy. Living sustainably is all about making good choices instead of bad choices and it helps a lot.

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