The amazingly funny true story of a glass jar named Pedro by Tahlia

By Tahlia, Year 5

Written as part of Factory Feedback

One bright and sunny day there was a new shop and that shop was called Josh’s glass jar factory. Josh’s factory was making a lot of money because the jars that he sold came to life, to make that happen; They 1. had to melt sand to make glass 2. Throw three rubber balls in the glass then melt them into the glass 3. The glass would be set which next they pour in formular 5226 and freezes it until it goes clear. After that you need to add some salt and then the jars will magically come alive! The jars had specific names like Georgina and Joseph but my favourite name was Pedro. Pedro was a cheeky jar but he had never tasted the outside air so when Mr Babaraje bought him Pedro stood still  as Mr Babaraje filled him up with Indian spices ahhhhhchoo!!!! Sneezed pedro. Pedro heard Mr Babaraje talking on the phone so he quickly wiped his mouth and stood still. Pedro was scanning the room and then he found him writing on the calendar and this is what it said: Juanita is coming over next week and must get ready for family dinner. Oh no Pedro thought as Mr Babraje was humming above him what he would do would he eat me maybe and might throw me out. Pedro couldn’t get to sleep that night thinking about what Mr Babaraje would do to him but when he woke up. Mr Babaraje was gone by the time he got back he bought two new jars from. Josh’s glass jar factory and he filled them up with coriander and thyme oh hi he said what’s your name he said both glass jars replied at the same time so this is what it sounded like Sajosama ummmm can you say it one at a time please ok so the girl went first “uhh hi I’m Samantha” she said. Oh hi I’m pedro hey josh say your name sorry he’s shy the boy spoke “h..hi….im…” “oh hi Joshua I’m Pedro can I call you Josh he said so the three jars became best fiends. But Pedro forgot the most important thing, and it was what Mr Babaraje would do to him at the family dinner in an hour so when Mr Babraje made some butter chicken and set the table with other Indian cuisines and set five plates on the table. Pedro, Samantha and Josh were taken from the table oh no Pedro thought but the others giggled silently when Mr Babaraje put Pedro down he heard the slightest shuffle then he felt a tiny tug and then he saw light SURPRISE!!! Yelled Mr Babaraje, Samantha, Josh and Juanita didn’t you know it’s your birthday today? What Pedro said I thought was tomorrow. Well, it’s today so wanna open your presents uhhh sure and Pedro lived a happy life and was never scared again.

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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