The Beginning by Holly

By Holly, Year 8

Written as part of Factory Feedback

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The blissful spring air flows into my lungs, the trees swish and sway. The scent of recently bloomed flowers run around in the air. I take a step towards the edge of the cliff. Thick drops of blood splash onto the rock. The bushy blue mountains go as far as I can see. The birds chirp quietly as if they are singing soft lullabies to each other. I take another step closer to the edge, a strange sense of calm fills me, but it’s mixed with a weird, overwhelming sense of panic. I look down at myself and at the drop. I take the last step. 

I feel my stomach drop, the air surrounds me, time slows and my hair rushes upwards hitting me in the face. I try to scream but the sound gets stuck in my throat. I hear a loud crack, pain rushes through me. 

It all goes black…



Bethany sat and watched as time slowly ticked by, a thousand different possibilities raced through her mind. Her sister was only meant to be gone for 30 minutes. 

The time on the clock hit 12 pm. Bethany frantically pressed the call button on her phone only to get voicemail. She checked the number. Was she accidentally calling the wrong person? 

Her heart felt like it was trying to burst out of her chest. Should she call the police? Should she go and look for her sister? 

The door handle was cold and the warm spring breeze blew her long hair to the left as she opened the door. She walked down the trail where her sister said she was going.

“Lily! Lily… LILY!” She called out as loud as she could.

“She better not have done anything stupid or I’ll be the one getting into trouble” Bethany thought aloud. A low growling sound echoed through her stomach, she decided she would walk to the lookout and if she didn’t find Lily she would go home and make lunch. Lily was 15. She could work herself out. Maybe whatever she had gotten herself into this time would teach her some life lessons in which case it would be better not to help her. You never want to intervene with someone making an important life lesson. Bethany knew that was wrong but she was tired of getting wrapped up in her sister’s bad life choices.  

She thought back to when her and her sister used to be best friends, she would do anything to have that again. But Lily was too busy caring about herself and being reckless and Bethany couldn’t help but be annoyed at what her sister was doing. Hanging her life on a string and puppeteering it around so close to scissors was not something Bethany could approve of or bare to watch. 

She stepped out onto the lookout, there were splashes of fresh blood on the rock which left an uneasy feeling in Bethany’s stomach. She looked down, all the air left her lungs and her legs gave out underneath her.




My head pounded, the air was thick and hot. My face felt wet and there was a metallic taste in my mouth. The world around me seemed to spin like I was on a roller coaster. My eyes were glued shut, my body was stuck in place. Everything was numb but incredibly painful at the same time. 

I heard my name being called from above me. I knew it was my sister. I heard other voices too, I couldn’t recognise those ones. The dreadful sound of my sister crying hung in the air. I couldn’t call back, I could only feel one emotion. Fear. 



The police made Bethany sit down and answer questions. She didn’t reply, her head was swimming. 

“Lily” She whispered 

The officer looked her up and down and then went to talk to a coworker. 

Everything was a blur. Time seemed to stop and there was nothing but her worry. She watched from a distance as the rescue team strapped up her sister’s unconscious body. 

They lifted Lily up the cliff to where the paramedics were standing. Bethany rushed to her sister’s side and held her hands as the paramedics assessed her wounds and tried their best to patch them up. 

A paramedic took Bethany aside. 

“Her heart is still beating and she’s breathing. She was extremely lucky and seems to only have a few broken bones and a concussion.” The paramedic explained and relief rushed over her like a tsunami. “But unfortunately it seems she will have a lot more than just physical healing to complete. We have services that are trained to help her, you and your family in these situations.” The relief was punched in the face by a mixture of sadness and guilt. Bethany had many questions but there was only one at the front of her mind. 




I wake up to the sound of beeping. I open my eyes, the bright light smacks me in the face. I look beside me, my sister is sitting curled up on a chair looking at me. Her face is blank and emotionless. She clicks a button, nurses and doctors come running in to check on me and do some tests. After what feels like a lifetime they leave again. 

My sister looks at me,

“Why?” She asks quietly. My heart beats violently, this was the conversation I was dreading. My silence hangs in the air.

My sister hugs me. 

“I love you, I would rather listen and help you through your suffering, your pain, your worst days, I would rather help you and fight for you when you feel like you can’t anymore then hear about your death, anyday. I’m here for you and I always will be, I care about you more than you can imagine, you are my sister and I never, ever want to lose you.” 

I knew this would be a long journey but I was ready to do it. I could fight through this.

This wasn’t the end. 

This was only the beginning. 

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