The Bully by Faraiba

By Faraiba, Year 9

Written as part of Factory Feedback

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He gave me the cracked egg

He said it was food for me

Since I was so hungry

I was furious

Devil took over me

My mind trying to play tricks in me

Telling me get up

How dare you let him put you down?

The devil was already on my shoulder

Saying to me get up

You little dummy

I got up

Jumping on the table

Like a devil

I pushed him

Well I knew it that he had thousands of friends to get his back

My own friends was laughing

Making fun of me

I pushed him with all my might

Now you think I am the devil

But do you know what I am going through

Then his friend come with devil heart

Wearing angels form

Hit me

His friend

Telling teacher that he was trying to help but instead making it worse


Right there he hit me for him it was just a joke for me

I wished there was an earthbound right there to claps the ground for me to get in

Now my body shaking fear already took over

No martial art, no boxing and no the fight that I’ve been waiting

 I wished I was death right there

The fact that they call me weak

Asking myself why!

Why does have to happen now

Just why

I couldn’t stood up like a man

I was shattered

Meeting new people in a new world  

Wasn’t scary

But he was for me

My great enemy

He made himself

His slap was like a sword on my heart

I have to face him

With his great powerful words

I was stand

I am not losing to him

I tell myself

Get up Faraiba

But I couldn’t, I just couldn’t

He puts me down

He shattered my world

For me no difference whether to die or live

Both are the same for me /

My eyes was like a rain drops

But not now

I don’t want to show them my weakness

‘No why did he do it


Dead is near

Have no fear

Now the demon is me right

I wish

I wish there was no birth

I wish I was not on this world

I wish there was no me in this world

I am sorry

Mom and dad

That I disappoint you

I am sorry

But I couldn’t do anything

Now I just wish there was no boys 

To love

I hate them all

All of them

I wish I could love again

But I see no feelings

No fear

I will fight you once again when

I reborn in another body

I was just a freshman 

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