The Childhood Dream

By Ortiz T-H, Year 7

“DING”, goes the kitchen timer. My wife, Shrek Wes, has just finished cooking.

 I remember that we ate roast lamb that night. My kids, Issac and Rocky, came to get me for dinner. I simply replied “soon”. The reason for that was because I looked back at a documentary I just recently watched. It was on Neil Armstrong, the first man to land on the moon. My childhood dream was to land on the moon. 

“SHEK!” screamed Shrek. I quickly stood up and casually walked to the dinner table. Man, dinner was amazing. The succulent lamb was sinking into my bright white teeth. I went and helped myself to seconds. I was telling my family about my dream to land on the moon. They started laughing and telling me how that would be nearly impossible.

Now there were two ways I could have responded to this. I simply could have said “nearly” or just take the laughter. As quick as a cheetah I quickly thought of a way to respond to it and I said “nearly”. To be honest when I was thinking about landing on the moon, I thought I was the most stupidest person on Earth until when I saw Neil Armstrong land on the precious moon. I persuaded to myself to have a different mindset and try to accomplish my dream on December 9th, 2030, my birthday.

My closest friend X just called me. He told me “I’ve got a mission for you”. I had no idea what he was talking about. He said to meet at N.A.S.A.’s base. I had a few suggestions on what he was talking about, until I arrived and he told me these exact words, “You’re going to the moon.” I was so shocked, I fainted. I woke up in the next few hours and there was a bunch of white and orange uniforms surrounding me on black hangers. I saw X sitting and waiting for me. He said again with confidence, “you’re going to the moon, man.” I looked around and I was feeling a bit dizzy but to see that there was a massive rocket waiting for me to get on. At that same moment, I was a bit confused because I did not see my kids or wife anywhere. X whispered to me, “They’re at home getting ready to watch you to blast off to the moon”. To hear that, I feared up and I was a bit depressed. I knew I had to be resilient so I put that behind me and focussed on the mission. Commander X brought along another one of my close friends, “Ski Mask”. Ski Mask was Commander X’s close brother. 

The job was to land on the moon with Ski Mask successfully, without harm. We got into our large uniforms and slowly made our way to the rocket.  This WHOLE thing was live as well. I was nervous and I was getting ready to fly to the moon. Sadly, my family weren’t there to see it in person, but I knew that they were supporting me. Anxiously, I was waiting for the countdown. 10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … blast-off. I could feel the roar of the fire behind me, as we set off to the moon. Tears started to come out of my eyes, tears started to fly off my cheeks.

“Attention” said Commander X confidently, “you guys are 10 minutes away from your destination. 

9 minutes … 8 minutes … 7 minutes … 6 minutes … 5 minutes … 4 minutes … 3 minutes …      2 minutes … 1 minute …” 

We safely made it to the moon. I slowly made my way out of the rocket, and I could feel the gravity push against me. 

I was happily floating on the moon then we put our flag on the moon. That was the best experience of my life.