The Door by Kanvi

By Kanvi, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

The atmosphere was thick. The street lamps stood silently, stubbornly shining into the night. The sky was pitch black, the lamp’s resembled stars, illuminating their value in the night sky. The leaves on the streets rustled in the breeze. I sauntered through the spiritless streets, a wisp of the fetid smell drifted up to my nose. It smelt like a combination of soda and expired apple juice. I took a turn at the next corner and kept walking. Suddenly, I heard subtle footsteps behind me. Subtle footsteps turned into thumping stomps. I started to walk quicker. My heart was pounding on my chest like big bass drums in the parade. It felt like the city had awakened from the dead and was coming from me. Adrenaline rushed through every inch of me. And then I saw it. In the corner, where a lamp was flickering ferociously stood a tenebrous figure…

“Arghh, Help! It’s trying to eat me up! Please help! “ I yelled. It was Wednesday morning and I had been woken up by one of my subconscious nightmares.

“Oh.. it was just a dream,… just a simple dream,” I said feeling relieved.

“Great you’re up! You have your excursion today so be quick! “ enunciated my mom as she stormed into my room holding a basket full of dirty washing.

“I had a creepy dream, and now I am sooo spooked out!” I explained to my mom.

“Well I guess that’s the last time you’re gonna watch horror movies on a school night,” she said, making me feel guilty.

“Anyway, get up, you’re gonna be late!

I got out of bed and got ready. I was just about to leave for the bus stop when my mum called me.

“Wait dear, I forgot to say happy birthday,” my mum said, hugging me tightly.

“Thanks, mom,” I replied and headed out the door.

Today, I had an excursion at the Grand Heritage site as part of our history topic. I was very excited about this excursion as I love history and learning about it. I hopped onto the bus and sat on a single seat against the window. As the bus started to move, I pulled my book out of my bag. It was named “The Door”. I love reading books because it helps me escape my chaotic life and just be part of another world. The book was about an impoverished girl that could only afford a house with one bedroom. It had a minuscule bathroom with corroded tiles on the wall and a sink with just droplets of water dripping down. The ceiling was covered in leaks and was nearly torn off! The girl’s bedroom has a petite-sized bedside table where she kept all her clothes. While she was examining the bedside table carefully, she noticed a hidden door. I love getting to the exciting bit of a story, and I hate when peo-

“Everyone off the bus!” roared our group supervisor.

As soon as I reached the climax, I crashed down back onto Planet Earth, quite abruptly. I placed the book in my bag and headed out.

As I stepped out of the bus, I was instantly transported back into the 19 hundreds when colonies were building skyscrapers. They had their way of living and now we do too. We visited a few monuments and learnt about their significance to our history. The teacher gave us some time to roam around and have a look at anything we may have missed. There is only one place I can think of when we are allowed to do anything. The Cafeteria. I bolted to the cafeteria, knowing there was going to be a line, however, there wasn’t a very huge one. I stepped up to give my order when I found an elderly woman standing there.

“Hello, mi’lady how are we today? “My name’s Georgia, what can mi help you with today?” croaked the lady’s voice. It sounded like she had a large piece of food stuck in her mouth for years.

“May I please have a coffee and a vanilla cake?” I asked politely.

“Couse mi dearie just waits a sec,” she replied. The cafeteria lady sounded like my grandma calling everyone a dearie.

I went to find a shady seat when I spotted something interesting. A lemon tree! It was hanging over the fence near the cafeteria. I had a sudden lightbulb moment. Lemons plus vanilla cake equals a match made in heaven. I knew it would be rude to just take some lemons without asking so I went around to ask the owner if I could have some. When I got around to the front of the door, it didn’t look welcoming at all! The wall was covered in a ghastly blue and white which made the wall have a menacing look. A part of the wall was already peeling paint and could show the blood-red bricks emerging underneath. The door was a cerulean blue which was starting to discolour. The door was begging me to enter the crumbling brick house. I thought I heard a whisper calling my name. I was so frightened that I started getting shivers up my spine. Questions were running through my brain, but none were being answered. My heartbeat sped up and I started getting all sweaty. I bolted as fast as lightning to the cafeteria and asked the cafeteria lady what that was.

“ I juust saaw a suuper spooky door neear tthhe cafeteria” I panted trying to catch my breath.

“ Oh dearie, slow down, Mi too old for quick speakers’ ‘ the lady responded. “Why don’t ya have a nice cup of water and then describe everything ya saw.”

I calmed down, drank a glass of water and started to feel relaxed.

“ So explain everythang that ya saw,” she said sympathetically.

“ Okay, so I spotted a lemon tree near the fence next to the cafeteria and I thought that maybe I could have a few lemons as they looked so juicy and would go perfectly with my fresh slice of vanilla cake. I went to go ask the owners of the lemon tree if I could have some as I knew it would be rude to just take them but when I got to the front door,” I suddenly stopped. I felt too scared to even speak about the door.

“ What happened next mi dearie?” asked the kind cafeteria lady. But I couldn’t explain as the vanilla cake was ready with my steaming hot cappuccino.

“ Why don’t ya eat and drink yar cappuccino with your vanilla cake before it gets too cold?” suggested the cafe lady.

I had my delectable vanilla cake. It tasted an airy confection sent from heaven. I loved it layer after layer. I then took a sip of my rich steaming cappuccino but it wasn’t what it seemed. It was fiercely nasty that my mouth screwed itself up tightly as if it was pulled by a drawer string, forbidding me to allow any more of the cappuccino into my mouth. I quickly gulped down a cold glass of water to get the taste out of my mouth but it would just stay there. The coffee had a familiar taste like something I have had before. It tasted like something my grandma would whip up whenever I visited her home. After I finished drinking a lot of water, I was finally ready to tell Georgia what I had seen.

“The front door looked creepy and scary which looked exactly like the door in my book!” I said surprised that I wasn’t as afraid as I was before.

“ Oh dearie, are you talking about the door ner the cafeteria?” she asked me.

“ Yes, do you know anything about that door?” I replied eagerly.

“ Oh, well, uh it’s just that.. thi door is just…….locked for safety risons, that’s all,” she said. Her voice sounded doubtful

“Why don’t ya have a look inside dearie, if yar so curious to know about it?”

That thought hadn’t occurred to me. Then a thought struck into my brain like lightning on a tree. Should I enter the mysterious door or should I just leave it there to lay a mystery forever? I finally made up my mind.

“ Okay, I will go into the house, on one condition. You must come with me.” I said, hoping she would say okay.

“Um, okay I’ll come with ya dearie,” she replied confidently.

“Wait, aren’t you scared of some monster jumping out of the door or some ghost possessing our souls?” I asked perplexed.

“Nah, I have conquered more terrifying things in mi life, some silly door isn’t going to scare the nerves out of mi!” she said courageously. “Not let’s face your fear and find out what’s behind that door!”

We sauntered around the fence where the lemon tree was hanging and approached the door I went to grasp the doorknob when thoughts flooded my head. I didn’t know whether I might make it out alive, but I tried my best to ignore it.

“Ready?” I asked.

“ Ready when ya are!” she replied. I took 3 deep breaths and slowly gyrated the rusty doorknob. It made eerie sounds and needed some oil. Then I slowly pushed open the door and entered the room. It was all dark and quiet. I felt brisk footsteps and could hear distant murmurs.

“Hello, is there anybody there?” I asked all shaky.

Then suddenly the lights switched on and people burst out from nowhere and screamed ‘ Surprise’!!

“Ahhhhhh” I yelled in horror, before processing what I had just heard.

I tried to have a good look at who these people were but when I realised I was astounded.

“Mum, Dad is that you?” I asked super perplexed.

“Yep, that’s us!” my mum exclaimed.

“What are you doing here?” I asked confused.

“Well it was your birthday so we thought we’d plan a mystery for you to solve which would lead you to the party!” my dad said, smiling with joy!

“Well, then who is this cafe lady?” I asked puzzled but it didn’t take me that long to find out.

“ Grandma Rosemary!” I cried. “Was it you that pretended to be the cafe lady Georgia?”

“ Yes, didn’t ya recognise mi and mi voice?” she asked?

“ Well enough chit chat,” my mum said. Go and meet your friends outside!

When I went outside, all my friends screamed “happy birthday” and the house wasn’t so scary after all! This was the best birthday party ever!

Even though I was enjoying my party so much, I still had one thought in my mind which I went to ask my mum.

“ Mum, how did you get to this room with me spotting you?” I was quite puzzled.

“Well that’s surely another mystery for you to solve!” she replied simply with a smile.

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