The Evil Scientist by Leana

By Leana, Stage 3

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Part 1

Once upon a time in 2016 a small toddler, wife and husband. Their names were Lisa, Andrea and Ali. Their surname was Latina.

One day they were sit-in and playing with Lisa. Suddenly the ball disappeared into nowhere. Lisa went to get the ball. There was a cute tiny lost dinosaur. An evil scientist did not know that he made the dinosaur cute; he thought that it was evil. Lisa took the dinosaur to her family and played a little bit. Sadly the time was up and they had to go but the dinosaur kept following them so they had to stay. 

The problem was that when another dinosaur came it was cross. The family ran and also took the baby dinosaur. The dinosaur ran away from his family. The huge dinosaur wanted the baby dinosaur. The baby dinosaur was scared and frightened. 

They all hopped in the Lamborghini. But let the baby dinosaur. The baby dinosaur began to remember it’s family. A few years later the dinosaur became an adult. The dinosaur turned out to be a female. The mother gave birth to another baby dinosaur because the scientist let go of controlling the dinosaur. The mother dinosaur was too old and had died. So the two dinosaurs had to look after themselves. But the other family also took care every time they visited they played and went for a walk. 

One day the family stayed at home and also the dinosaur family (sister and brother) because the scientist came to town. The family said it’s time to save the day, Lisa Latina and the parents. They saved the day and talked to the scientist. The scientist was about to say why he was rude but suddenly there was a dust storm… to be continued.


Part 2

There was a dust storm. After a few minutes the dust storm stopped! But the scientist said that a pencil dropped out of nowhere so he picked the pencil up and drew a dinosaur and a remote for me to control. But I got caught by a witch. All I got to draw was a baby dino and a mother but the witch pulled with pencil with the magic but I was also pulling hard and it broke so she got mad and turned me into an evil scientist and never saw her again. They didn’t like me and they made me mad. 

But this makes me feel better now. They welcome the scientist in the backyard of their house but knew there was something fishy going on so they had a quick family meeting and said he was acting suspicious.

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