The Fun They Had

By Iftekhar, Year 8

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Today was the 17th of April 2277 which is Tom’s birthday. Tom invited his friend Margie to come over to his house. Tom was extra excited today because there was something interesting that he wanted to show her. He got something out of the attic. It seemed like a sketch pad. After seeing it in the light it seemed like it was one of the  discontinued  Apple iPad. He told Margie “This belonged to my great great grandfather,” Margie quickly blurted out “Let’s see if it will turn on.”  Tom held down the power off button for three seconds, suddenly the screen on the minuscule tablet turned on. When the device turned on, there seemed to be some apps installed; the first three apps were : Temple Run, Angry Birds and Fortnite. 

Out of curiosity Tom tapped on Temple Run and the graphics on this game were so outdated it made Tom’s fifteen year old computer look like it was the best computer in the world. On the specification  sheet it said it was just 4K, Tom said “This is so bad and the fact it only had 20 gigabytes of ram, made it look like prehistoric technology” Margie tapped on the game called Temple Run. The screen said press start, Margie pressed the screen and there was a mutated gorilla chasing the avatar that was running. The avatar died because they didn’t drag or swipe him to safety. Tom yelled “ BORING!” Margie swiped up and clicked on Angry Birds this time it seemed a little more self explanatory. All you had to do was pull back the slingshot and try knocking out all the piggies with the certain amount of birds you had. Each of the birds had their own special ability like Chuck has the power to propel himself at high speeds. Tom and Maggie’s favourite bird is Bomb; his special ability is he explodes and has a blast radius of four blocks. The last game was Fortnite, Maggie thought it was a typo because Fortnite is spelled Fortnight. Tom was very excited about this game. Margie didn’t know why that’s why she asked him “Why are you so excited for this game?” Tom replied “ It isn’t just a game, it was the game of 2019 and the winner of the Fortnite World Cup won two million dollars!” That’s equivalent to fifty million dollars in our currency!

As soon as Tom tapped on Fortnite it took him to the lobby and the graphics on this game weren’t actually that bad, it seemed like it was the game with the best graphics for its time.Tom clicked on solo and he loaded into the pregame island and the timer was counting down from ten. Then Tom seemed to be in a flying school bus and on his screen there was an icon which looked like an ejection button, Margie tapped on the ejection button. Suddenly their character was exerted and was skydiving. He started playing this game like he was alive during the time it was released, Margie was flabbergasted. She softly asked him “How do you know how to play this game so well?” He said “ My  great grandfather taught me how to play the games” Margie said “Let me play since you have already played the game!” Margie’s mother started calling her “Margie come on we have to go home you have school in ten minutes!” Margie sadly said “Goodbye and when I come to your house next time let’s play the other games on your great great grandfather’s  IPad”

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