The Gold Adventure

By Malia, Year 5/6

The king awakens, angry to see his special gold had been stolen. He secretly watches as his servants furiously clean up. Their jaws dropped when they saw King Tut’s gold headpiece rise from the grave. 

He stretches his arms and legs and approaches the bucket of gold…enraged to see how little is left. The servants were trembling too much to speak. As King Tut looks at the floor a gold rock glows and a portal to Greece opens. Confused and excited, the king steps through the portal and sees a purple and gold curved lounge. He steps in and looks at the other portal on the other side and steps through…Greece. As he approaches a massive snake mansion in front of him, Medusa steps out and gives him a fright. He jumps as if he had ants in his pants. The king steps in to introduce himself to Medusa and all her snakes. The snake on his headpiece awakens to introduce himself to his new friends. 

He’d always wanted to meet his idol, Medusa, and hoped she could help him catch the tomb robbers. 

Medusa and King Tut talk for awhile and decide to go back to Egypt to find the robbers. As they both step back in the portal…suddenly the other side of the portal disappears. The two of them are stuck in between with no way out. The king remembers that the way to get through the portal is by using a piece of gold from the bucket for each living creature that is travelling. There was not enough gold for all of Medusa’s snakes. As the king rips his necklace off his neck and angrily throws it in the bucket, the portal opens and they step through. 

Back in Egypt, as the snakes’ owners’ stomach growls, they decide to get some lunch. “Food first, the robbers can wait!” says King Tut. In the King’s mansion they had food waiting upon their arrival. Nutella pancakes, Nutella pizza, Nutella thickshakes. 

Medusa’s slimy snakes lunge to the table with their fangs sticking out of their mouths, hungry and eager. Cheeseburgers, fries, doughnuts. What more could they ask for? The robbers can definitely wait! 

Medusa grins ear to ear watching more platters come out. Nutella brownies, Nutella Bavarian cake, Nutella waffles. Medusa and King Tut knew they were going to be friends as they sat under the Nutella fountain, laughing about all the food they had eaten.