The Good Day by Ryan

By Ryan, Year 3

Written as part of Factory Feedback

I was jogging down the road of Happy street. I came around the corner and saw two angry, stray dogs fighting over a piece of bread. I tried to calm them down but one almost bit me. So I kept jogging until I reached a woman, with her dog, and a man fighting over how much a loaf of bread cost. I simply jogged past without taking a second glance. After another while I reached a construction site. I was about to take a turn until I tripped and fell face-flat on a plank with a rock on it (the rock wasn’t that big). The tiny rock went soaring through the air and landed on the women’s poodle. The poodle was so shocked it knocked the bread out of the woman’s hand and the loaf of bread went plop on the poodle’s back. The poodle ran down the road and dropped the bread between the angry dogs. The dogs nibble it happily. Everyone’s problem was solved…well, almost. I sighed “These days just get too out-of-hand,”.

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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