The Halloween Carnival

By Lilli, Year 4

Written as part of Factory Feedback

One day my friends and I went to the Halloween carnival. We went to the carnival at 6pm. We were excited! We saw a funny clown do tricks. We also saw some witches and cats doing tricks. But we were most excited to see the lady who could read your mind so we went to her and we sat down and she said hi welcome my name is Asia we introduced ourselves. Then she said you are thinking about food and she was right it’s kind of creepy but also cool. I said how do you read people’s minds, she said if I tell you promise not to tell anyone else. I said I won’t, she said ok then she said you’re going to have to do some tasks to learn how to read people’s minds.

First you’ve got to do an obstacle course I said ok. She showed us the obstacle course it was so easy it had weird red ropes we had to jump over and there were some monkey bars we had to climb across. I was nervous but we started to do the obstacle course and a couple of minutes later we finished the obstacle course.The next step was to drink some special mind reading juice. We drank the juice and it was green and it looked gross but I started to read people’s minds. It was so cool and creepy.

The next day we went back to the lady’s house and she taught us more skills on how to read people’s minds. A couple of days after going to her house and learning skills on how to read people’s minds. I started reading everyone’s minds. My mum was like how do you do that? I said magic. I started getting A+ on my school test because I could read the teacher’s mind and my mum was so proud of me for getting good grades. Then one day I decided to tell my friends that I had powers and they were shocked.

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