The Jungle

By Hashem, Year 7

Written as part of Factory Feedback

There was a boy whose name was Dan, Dan loved the wild and liked to go hunting every weekend with his uncle Samuel. Last weekend Dan got ready to go to the jungle with his uncle and this time he also came with his cousin Zack, Zack loved the jungle too. He always likes to take pictures of wild animals and beautiful birds.

When Dan, Zack and Samuel walked through the jungle they saw a kingfisher bird, Dan loved that bird. He loved the brightly coloured feathers and thinks that the way that it hunts for fish is fascinating to watch. When they looked deeper into the jungle Zack found a bottle that was stuck in the ground, he went to take a clearer look at it but Samuel said to leave it alone because it could be dangerous.

So Zack went and grabbed a long stick so he could hit the bottle. The bottle cracked opened 

And a rolled up piece of paper came out, Zack picked it up and it was a map, Dan and Samuel were shocked to find it, Zack turned the paper around and saw writing and it said this, ”where it sits cold and were the earth has a fold, through the trees of the Amazon jungle were treasure sits fAr away FRom the cIty thAt says may is a speciaLL day.” (written by Captain Combal)

Dan saw capital letters in the wrong place so he tried to make something with them so he wrote them down on a piece of paper, A F L A L L. Zack screamed he got it. So then Dan Looked at Zack, he said the treasure is in Air Falls. How did you find it out said Samuel. I just put the letters together and then I made Air Falls, Great job Zack Samuel Replied. So they all Got ready and kept walking through the Jungle until they reached Air Falls.

When they reached their destination, they could see a cave. The cave was huge but the enterinse was closed with big rocks, but Samuel found a way in, it was quite small but they managed to get in Sindh. It was dark so Dan and Zack took out their flashlight so that they could see better.

When they were looking Dan could see a fold in the cave which was mentioned in the map.

It was getting cold so they took out there jackets and put them on, they saw a waterfall coming out from a crack, they went to investigate it but suddenly Dan got stuck and he couldn’t come out. 

He felt like the walls were growing but actually Dan was sinking. Then Zack held a stick near Dan, Dan grabbed the stick and Zack pulled but the stick fell and also Dan.

But then they heard  Dan screaming ”I found the treasure, I found the treasure!” Zack and 

Samuel sprinted down and they saw the treasure and they took gold, silver coins and jewelry,

So they quickly left the rest of the treasure and walked back home. Dan had a shower, and when he was done washing the dirt and dust off he went to go to sleep, when Dan was laying down he was thinking of a red diamond that he didn’t get because it was CURSED, Dan didn’t like cursed things especially a cursed diamond that was once held by a pirate.

When school started Dan couldn’t wait to tell his class about his adventure with his uncle and cousin Zach, so he went up with his friend and telled the class every little thing that happened

In the jungle, when it was over the class clapped. He kept going on journeys like this one and also wrote about it and the other Journeys he had, and this one is about the jungle. ( THE End).

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