The Leaves Fall

By Delilah

Written as part of Sunset in My Heart

The leaves fall as the days pass time is a fickle thing. One day you’re 6 and one blink next, you’re 16. Dark light, youth, maturity, innocent and wise. Time passes at this petty pace that loads to this dusty death filled with doom and despair. Your brain becomes a beacon of knowledge. Your life is divided into chapters, your very own book bound by the consequence of your actions. One wrong turn can determine how you live your life. I know everything and nothing at the same time and I will spend the rest of my time trying to decide whether life has just begun or ended.


“For Medinah” 

The shades of my sister’s youth are reflected in the world around me. From birth to present her presence never fails to leave a lasting impression. My child, my light, the thing that keeps me going. I dream big things for her, bigger than what I dream for myself. She is the Noor of my eyes and the sultan of my heart. The shades of sister’s youth are the colours my world is made up of. The air she breathes, the area that she inhabits, the atmosphere that surrounds her. The shades of my sister’s youth.