The Lion Roars by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Once there lived a lion that wasn’t able to roar so his father kept showing him but still no use for 5 years. So the father lion bought him to the doctor lion in 5 years because they couldn’t afford it but now they can. The doctor lion said in your whole life you will never be able to roar. The father lion got shocked and said that can’t be right, check again then he checked and said sorry it’s still shows the same results. So until later in the season he met the lion king because he wanted advice from him because he was not able to roar until later in life. He going to ask what he did to fix it then the lion king said I didn’t fix it, it was the lion queens mother. The lion that could roar said what do you mean. So you see, the lion queens mother had powers that was to heal all lion heath if they believe in her. When I gave advice to other lions that need help with other things they wouldn’t believe me so after that I never spoke about till now you came but no use if you don’t believe me.

So he called lion Queen mother she said that easy to fix but the only question is do you believe in her and the magic and the lion that wasn’t able to roar said yes of course if it works then the lion king said the lion queens mother will come at night and heal just stay asleep then the lion that wasn’t able to roar said thank you very much I will see if it true. Then the next morning he woke up hearing the other lions roaring then his mouth opened and roared along then he started smiling and jump and yelling I can roar! Then his father said what on earth are you he yelled again and spinning around I can roar the father lion said oh my goodness is that true then he roared and roared.

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