The Missing Socks by Jamara

By Jamara, Year 5

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Once upon time there was 1 pair of socks on an old stinky rotten foot. One day they got washed. But when they were washed an old man opened the washing machine when he opened the washing machine they weren’t there. “What where are they?” he said, so he looked everywhere in the house he knew to look. But he had dirty smelly rotten insects like snails, worms, cockroaches  and spiders. So his insects escaped out of their cages and crawled up into the washing machine and the insects saw a  small little black hole so they went down the small little black hole and at the end of the hole they saw millions of different socks jumping around and eating lots of food. When he saw them eating food and jumping around they got jealous of the socks. So the insects asked if they could be friends and join them. Then the socks looked at the insects and said sure. 2 years later the socks said we got to go back home to the old man even though we didn’t want to. Then the insects said I can find you a new family and home. Then the socks said please we don’t want to go back there ever again. So the socks ended up in a new family and home with no dirty stinky old rotten foot. Instead they got nice beautiful feet and lived happily ever after.

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