The Mysterious Land

By Jaxyn, Year 4

CHAPTER ONE: The Mysterious Land

At first I didn’t know where I was. I looked around… I saw cheese falling and slowly dripping from the sky, something grabbed me and dragged me away, and covered my face with lettuce? It was a taco, he was “Friendly?” He said, “The other foods are hunting us down. There was four of them: the all seeing leader, noodle squid, pizza grenade, and spider burger. There could be more but those are the ones I know about.”

Taco and I tried to find a place to stay the night, and we found a cave. “Bang! grrrr!” A spider burger appeared in the cave. We ran away and found a pizza grenade. We lured him to spider burger to trick him, so he blew up spider and pizza. We then claimed the cave and went to sleep. 

We survived the night. I woke up and taco was still there but also a pair of red eyes behind him. I yelled, “Behind you!” But the noodle squid grabbed him. It went too silent and too dark. I hated it. Then taco walked out of the looming darkness with red eyes, six arms, spiked powerful legs and way too many eyes. The squid crawled out and I grabbed its tentacles and tangled it self up until poof! It exploded monstrously into slimy sticky goo. The taco grabbed me and knocked me out clean…. 

I woke up with taco and the all seeing leader watching me. The taco said, “Hehehe you found out my little secret. I would never help an imbecile like you. You can’t even fight, you just run.” I stood up, then realised its my dream. I control it. I pulled out a plasma launcher to explode the taco. Then, I pulled out the world’s brightest light and blinded the all seeing leader to torture him. I used the Jedi force to crush him and fly away on my jetpack and woke up. 

CHAPTER TWO: The Undoing

I walked into the room, the floor creaking, my heart racing. But there was nothing there. Nothing at all, “Bang!”… my eyes shaking, hands clenching. I was frozen, “creak” from behind me, nothing really jumped at me. Well I didn’t feel it, only saw it. My heart is racing. I turned around. Horrified Ronald Mcdonald offered me a burger. Then something jumped at my face. I screamed, and ran away, never going there again. 

CHAPTER THREE: Life’s a Roller Coaster 

I decided to try the switch in the rollercoaster. My plan was to climb up with a rope, press the button then tarzan down with the rope. I decided to give it a try. I started climbing up the ladder slowly and steadily. Five minutes later I made it to the top. I reached for the button. Just able to press it. Then… “NOOOO!!!” I fell. I thought it was the end but the rope got caught. And it was all going well until the rope started to fray, string by string. I had just fallen and now this. The rope was on the last string. “Creak,” it didn’t snap. 

“Yay!… Nooo!….Crash.” 

I thought I was gone but without me realising it, they put a crash mat underneath me. I was so lucky they brought the crash mat.