The Shadow’s On My Wall by Georgia

By Georgia, Year 5

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Chapter 1 The closet.

“T-the curtains swayed letting the glistening moon shine into my room, I-I awoke noticing a sh-shadow slowly fade into my closet,” Stumbled Lia facing Mia with a sense of fear in her pale face. “Th-the” Lia was lost for words, her face went paler just from remembering the fear in her eyes that night. The detective knew she couldn’t do much so she gave a comforting smile and nodded saying, “What was your first encounter?” Lia stumbled as she slowly remembered, “The c-closet, i walked in with my flashlight shining so i could see in the darkness. I-I felt a cold touch on my neck ww-which slowly went down my spine, the ghost screeched when i dropped my flashlight smashing the glass into pieces.” Mia was concerned, had she seen a therapist? Was the ghost even real? Mia shook the thoughts out of her head “Do continue,” she said writing down the information in a small black notebook. “I was al-alone in the darkness, I cried out of help knowing no one could hear me, the ghost giggled at my hopeless cries.” tears fell down her face like a waterfall, Mia reminded her that’s it all over and asked “What was the next encounter?” Lia’s eyes went dull like the night’s sky she whispered under her breath “The bathroom.”


Chapter 2 The Bathroom

“I remember the s-steam drip down my mirror, turning to turn the shower off i realised the steam slowly turned.. RED, the blood ran thick on my mirror, slowly writing “Family” my eyes widened like a pirate opening a chest of gold.” Mia started thinking Lia was insane just by looking at her face, she had a smile on her face while her tears rolled down her cheeks. Mia didn’t know whether to believe her or not, “Your dismissed for the night Lia.” Lia slowly slid her chair and stood up mumbling under her breath “Summer,” Mia finished up her shift but this case she couldn’t stop thinking about. When she arrived home she went onto her laptop and did more research on it. Her jaw hit the floor in terror when she saw the case about the dead sister from last summer, a day after Lia’s sister died Lia saw a ghost.. Mia couldn’t believe it, was it that Lia’s sister was haunting her? 


Chapter 3 Last Summer.

Mia read the case not missing a single trace, “the two girls loved playing in the woods, one day Silvia and Lia walked to their favourite spot, the bridge. Lia came back with some blood on her face, slowly dripping, her mothers eye’s widened as she said to her “Where is Silvia, Lia, WHERE IS SILVIA!” Lia shook her head whispering into her mothers ears “Swimming with the fishies mummy.” she walked off slowly giggling, Mia thought this was some freaky stuff. The next day she arrived at work to find Lia already sitting there waiting for her arrival, Mia gave a wave “Good morning, ready for more questioning?” she pretended she had no clue about her sisters mysterious death but knew it had to do with this case. Lia started repeating over and over “Run my dear, run.” Mia was frightened and turned around to feel the cold touch of Silvia’s hand in her silky blonde hair. A whisper started to echo through the room repeating over and over, Silvia repeated to say “Mummy’s gonna be mad~” Mia screamed while Silvia pulled her by the arm into the dark shadows on the wall. Before going after them Lia wrote in the blood of Mia “The Shadows On My Wall” 


Chapter 4 A Revealed Dark Past

Mia felt herself being pulled into a portal which she thought she had, Silvia dropped her after 20 minutes of dragging her. In a creaky voice Silvia whispered “The stream I drowned in” mocking Lia she continued speaking “wiTH alL thE liTTle FIshIES, if you thought that was the full story, your wrong.” Mia was confused at first but spoke up, “I’m interested in your past, Silvia, tell me more” Silvia gave a smirk and gave a faint giggle sound, she whispered in her ear “A girl named Mia was there, she died from suffocation~” Mia stood there in fear. Her pupils widened, Lia grabbed her neck from behind and started suffocating her. “Li-lia let g-g..o!!” Lia whispered into her ear “The fishies don’t bite, But The Shadows On Your Wall do~” Mia took her last breath and whispered slowly “Bu-but what i..f th..e sha…do…w..’s..we..r…e a…drea…m..?” The silence grew fast, Silvia didn’t hesitate but threw Mia into the stream and watched her float down the waterfall with the fish’s. Silvia grabbed Lia’s arm and said “Who’s next my darling, summer-time sister..?”

The end or so we thought.

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