By Mina, Year 4

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Once upon a time there was a boy called  JOSEPH, a boy called JACOB and a girl called ANNA ,they went trick  or treating at night time to  eat candy and watch a movie. When they finished trick or treating they went back to their house and started fighting to get candy .Suddenly when they finished their candy   they saw under their bucket and a letter was there and it said”COME SOMEWHERE HIGH AT 3 AM NIGHT AND YOU WILL FIND A BIG SURPRISE “ suddenly Jacob  whispered quietly “ they still don’t know what happened ,but Jacob was a secret vampire that was planning this before they went trick or treating. After 2 hours of running and thinking , ANNA JOSEPH andJACOB went somewhere high which was the spooky house Joseph and Anna didn’t want to go to but they needed  to. Suddenly a witch came in and captured them with a capsule, and Jacob went to get a potion for later if they run away  , while Jacob was doing that, the witch left  to go find her magical stick for another plane.Then Anna and Joseph tried breaking the glass with their bucket and the glass broke Then both of them said “RUNNN”, and they ran really fast away to their house, but they couldn’t make it because the witch caught them. Suddenly Anna and Joseph were tied with rope and they couldn’t run away and then they were forced to drink the potion or they would have died . They drank the  potion  and turned into a  vampire. They were a vampire for 2 straight hours trying to find a way to get out from being a vampire. Suddenly +they were out and left the house and  lived in another town , and never went trick or treating ever again.

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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