The Sumatran Tiger

By Scarlett, Year 5

Written as part of Factory Feedback

The Sumatran tiger is a mammal. Its size is up to 2.4m long and it’s 118kg. It is also a carnivore.

What is a Sumatran Tiger?

The Sumatran tiger is a species native to the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is one of the possibly smallest tigers evolved to isolated island habitats.


The Sumatran tiger has a darker orange fur than any other species, helping it to blend into the rainforest habitat. 


The threats to a Sumatran tiger are poachers, loss of their babies and loss of prey. Tiger bones are used to make tiger bone wine . Sumatran tigers are critically endangered.

Diet and Habitat

Sumatran tigers love eating fish, monkeys, wild boar, tapirs and deer. They only hunt at night so they don’t get caught, and they are carnivores.


A female Sumatran tiger is pregnant for about 100 days before giving birth to about 1 to 6 cubs.


Anti poaching patrols give the tigers a chance to live. Indonesia has also agreed to help save the Sumatran tigers. In the wild they live for 15 years and in captivity they live for 20 years. In the wild there are about 4000 Sumatran tiger’s left. Hedgao made the first park in 1986.

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