The Website that turned Me into 0’s and 1’s

By Utsab, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

The headset flicks off my ears and bangs onto the table, where I eat my food and my computer is. Whew, another 2 hour recording session done! It’s hard being a YouTuber for my fans, even with a tonne of  homework to do. I’ve only started a month ago and I already have 10,000 subscribers, some of them friends, everyone else is either a famous content creator or someone who enjoys my content. I post comedic content weekly to help people have a laugh. So far all I have posted is a mockup of the 2020 US election, where I dressed up as Donald Trump and one of my friends as Joe Biden, miss hearing lyrics to a song which seem to have hidden, yet funny, meanings, like a cow man mooing, having an annoying roommate, and more. These have been hits, but I just needed something more. 

On my computer, I pull up Google and search for ‘funny things to do on YouTube’, just to see if I can do anything funny. I keep on scrolling down, passing websites reading either ‘Ideas for Youtube content’ or ‘This knee supporter is guaranteed to boost your life’ to find myself looking at a website labelled ‘Things that are definitely the funniest you have ever seen, and not just a portal to suck you into your computer’. Obviously, being my oblivious 12-year-old self, I didn’t give a second glance at the website and I clicked on the link. The link led me to a web page reading ‘You are an idiot for falling for this trap’ and purple and red swirls started floating out of my monitor screen, with whooshing sounds all around me. Wait, how does this happen? We’re in the year 2020 when this isn’t possible. Am I hallucinating?

After 12 seconds of questioning my choices, I ended up looking directly at my broken, spinning office chair. I looked up. I was inside of my computer! It felt weird being made out of 1’s and 0’s. Huh, I could mess with my computer from the inside, for example, literally surfing the internet, like an FBI agent. Except I wasn’t qualified. So I decided to do something else. Quickly, I ran to Chrome, where I opened the teleporting website. The website was closed, but everything else I opened was there. I climbed with a bit of difficulty to the search bar, with my search results from my original search poking me everywhere, drop back down to the digital keyboard and type YouTube. When YouTube opened, I tapped on the search bar and typed up my channel name, The Remedy. Once the search results loaded, I lowered all of the results myself. I go to my channel and look at my channel banner. In my mind, I am like “Ah, I could look at that face any day, any time’’. I got closer to touch the channel banner, wanting to know if the channel banner felt like an actual banner. I reached closer and closer until my hand became fuzzy and unbearable, like my ants had been shot by flaming hot bullets. I take back my hand, but my whole body ends up having the same glitch-like burn effect. 

After another 12 seconds, I drop back onto my sweet, comfy yet broken chair. Oh, how it feels to be back in my normal, fleshy, human self in my blue shirt and black shorts, rather than a bunch of 0’s and 1’s and feeling naked. I look up at my screen and see a full screen message, splattered in a digital green colour reading ‘Dang it, why is touching your virtual self a thing in this portal?’. At least I escaped. I look at my calendar. It’s been a week since I’ve been posting and all my fans left me? These guys have no patience what so ever. Might as well go back into my computer. Who knows? Maybe pictures of beds can be more sleep inducing than real ones.

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