Troy’s Tale of Bob Marley

Year 5/6

Bob Marley never imagined he would meet his ancestor that wet Friday afternoon, but the ancient power trapped the drum and other ideas… 

Bob was in the living room when he smelled smoke – the house was on fire! The only thing he needed to save was his great grandfather’s drums, passed down to him through the generations. Bob grabbed the drums but was trapped in the room!

Suddenly Ancient power shot from the drum and into Bob’s hand, making it invincible! Crash! Bob punched through the wall to safety.  “Wow!” thought Bob. “What was that?!”  As if in answer the Ancient drum made a weird sound. “Naaaaaaaaaaar” and they transported Bob back to the past while they journeyed. The drums spoke to Bob. “Thanks for saving us! The power was put in us by your great great great grandfather. He wanted to hide it from the British who were enslaving people back then.”     

Just then they arrived back in time and Bob stood face to face with his ancestor. “Great Great Great Grandfather!” said Bob, hugging him. “What’s up?” “What a surprise!” said Great Great Great Grandfather. “We are going on an uprising to fight slavery in Jamaica.” “Yes, we need to stick up for our rights and we won’t do the English plantation owner’s dirty work any more! Will you fight with us?”

But the drums told Bob that he must not do anything since it would break the Time Laws. “Sorry,” said Bob, “I can’t fight for you but I can tell you that you will win your battle. Very soon slavery in Jamaica will end and you will all be free!”

Bob woke up to find he had dreamed the whole thing but yet was hugging his drums. He decided to start writing a song…