By Ambrose, Year 10

Written as part of Instahope

How to be truly content
when you see the pain in everyone,
the way they train to hold back water fountains. Here are some things you can
get dates and licorice bullets for mum – you’ll remember the way she
smiles when she sees them sitting quietly in the fridge, follow the bends to the
listen to the way it throws up great, foamy mountains, which crash
over the rocks, as the wind tears them down with the ferocity of the elements.
Pay attention to the cheeky grin on her face
when she snatches the last reduced, roast chicken off the shelf: ‘it’s wraps
Savour the touch of little soft fingers stroking my arm: ‘I want to have your
hand, love you with all my heart.’
The back-breaking pain with her every movement, the frustrated words are
still kind and patient and loving.

This project has been generously supported by BridgeLane and the Sheargold Foundation.

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