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By Renand

Written as part of Factory Feedback

The hidden door

On a dark stormy night there was a young girl looking out of the window all alone.She had brown hair and bright blue eyes. She was left at the house while her family was on holiday. On monday she went to bed and was not seen again and no one knew how or why. 


The lost mystery 

Everyone thought she was hiding but they were wrong. Her family came home ready to see her but everything went upside down. She was missing. The family said “where is she?” They  were so worried. The dad told his family she was going to be fine. They called the police straight after.


The search

The police came and searched the house and found nothing. What did you find? said the dad, hoping for good news. They said nothing, not even a sign of anything. The police came the next day with more information that they found a hidden door under the bed. The family was shocked. The family had some hope.


The unbelievable 

The things they found were impossible to find. They found the little girl but not only that they found the little girl covered in germs and green goo. They found little demon minions and pigs with hairy noses and worst of all blue cheese potions and mad scientists. The scientist was about to mix the blue cheese potion the family didn’t want to know what could happened and they didn’t


The happy day

They quickly got the girl out before the scientist mixed the potions together. The family was so happy. After the scary moment the family said we have to move out. They went to bed and the next day they bought a house and moved in. They were so happy from that day and they lived happily ever after the end.

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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