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By Zakaria, Year 10

Written as part of Factory Feedback

“What just happened, where did everybody go.” he looks around and tries to piece up what just happened, Then it hits him hard on the face like a bug getting crushed by a bulldozer demolishing a house. He stumbles back to the edge of the broken house leaning against it as thoughts keep rushing down his head. “MUM. DAD where ARE you. Please call for me!” pacing from building to building hoping the worse did not occur. HE looks around side to side, running at each corner hoping for his parent’s safety. It was then he saw a shadowing figure of black and grey, it was his parent’s half buried under rubble and stone from a collapsed building. “Mum, Dad!” He calls out from the top of his lungs as he sprints forward towards them feeling a mixture of relief and distress. As he comes closer to his half-buried parents, he sees what he had hoped never to occur, his parents lying down on the floor with no heartbeat looking beaten up and left there to rot away. He falls back to his abyss feeling guilty and resentful for what has occurred, blaming the whole situation on himself. He says, “If I only had done something sooner, if I only stopped Ace before he.”

Couple months before:

“Did you make the deal? Are the Camboni family going to help us start our casino business?” Ace looks to the sky then to Robert Campania, his childhood friend since the age of 9. “The deal is set but they laid down two conditions. Condition one – they get 40% of all prophet made by the casino for 2 years, condition 2 – when the family is in need of help, we would be the first ones to ashore their safety.” Robert said, looking straight at Ace’s wide black eyes lighting up a cigarette as they both walked along an alleyway to where their new casino is going to be held. “Did you agree to the condition, are they going to give us the money we need for the casino to start running?” walking at a faster pace now to their destination, Robert replied with “I agreed to their conditions but don’t you think it’s a bit unfair, 40% of all profit made for two years and we have to protect them when they call us. I knew this was a bad deal, we could get our lives killed protecting them but we do need their money, I had no other choice but to accept their offer“ looking down at his black leather shoes, now arriving to the casino, he stands there in front of it, thinking to himself this investment better be worth his time and effort. “Hey Robert, when is the money arriving?” Robert snaps out of out of his gase not knowing what Ace said “Sorry what” 

“When is the money arriving?” Aces voice raising, he looks towards Roberts then back to the casino. “You should really be listening to what I have to say, I might say something that could save your life one day, you understand” lighting up a new cigarette he sighs as he waits for Robert to reply “ I’ll listen when you say something important and you know you should work on your anger issues, now that could be the end of you one day and the money is coming tomorrow but don’t expect anything to special ”” Both walking back to the chauffeur, an adopted family member of the Campania family since the of 5 named Mikey Gelenjoe who was only two years older the Robert and Ace. Mikey was a slim fellow always taller than the people around him. He doesn’t talk much only when he has something to say driving a 1941 Bonhams Scottsdale, what all the chauffeurs use when going out to business. As Ace and Robert make it back home Robert starts to prepare for the next day. He prepares one suit to wear and two handguns in case anything goes wrong, a revolver and a pistol so it will not be that visible for a person to see.  

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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