Video Vortex

By Gabriel

Written as part of Video Vortex

Digital Desert

I was standing in the desert and in the distance I saw something approaching. It was Zowboy. His putrid scent carried on the wind towards me. I should have stopped him earlier. Gunshots from his cursed revolver whizzed past me. Using my froggy jump skill to leap over him, I quickly summoned a knife and threw it at him. It landed perfectly in his head. I landed with earth shaking power and sprinted towards the vortex as he shot his last bullet into the vortex.

Enchanted Forest

I was propelled out of the vortex into a forest. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It was a deathly scent. The bloodied trees were strewn with corpses stuck to the trees by knives stabbed through the heart. A glorious kill. The screams of the murdered rang out across the forest, cut out by the maniacal laughs of the killers. As I looked up, I saw corpses strung out on meat hooks. 

“Help,” is all they said. 

Their wet blood poured down on me. Their souls seemed to be trapped in their bodies. 

Cautiously, I entered the labyrinth in search of the lost unicorn, Rainbow Gumdrops. The first thing I noticed was the sword attached to the wall. I took it and entered the maze labyrinth. The bloodied path led treacherously onward. Soon I found a bomb. I picked it up and walked onward. Finally, after ages, I finally found the unicorn. I took out my deadly sword and cut off her horn. Then I crushed the horn and the vortex appeared. I stepped through. 

Creepy Castle

I find myself in a dark and mysterious castle. The lights are flickering as if a blackout was about to happen. It stinks like the murky swamp of desertland. The rotting scent of corpses filled my nose holes. I feel something brush against my face. It feels as soft as kittens cats’ claws of murderous murders of murdering murderers. There are the eerie sounds of the screaming of banshees. It is creepier than a graveyard at night. 

I found a mad scientist’s lab and inside it I came face to face with a creature the likes of which I had never seen before. What went wrong with its childbirth? Its single grotesque eye followed me. The monstrosity had so many bits and bobs (and Fred and Jeffs and other names), such as a proboscis and tiny wings and a blue tongue. Its stupid body constantly fell over and was laying wiggling white eggs every second.