Wendy the Wheelchair Girl

By Mina, Year 4

Written as part of Factory Feedback

One day there was a girl called Wendy in high school. A girl called Tracey was always a bully. She used to call Wendy,”Wendy the wheelchair girl” then Tracey’s friend started to laugh. Suddenly Wendy left slowly to the bathroom and she started crying and said “I hope I wasn’t in a wheelchair then nobody would have bullied me”. Unexpectedly the class bell rang and people went to their classrooms.”Then Tracey started to tell all of her classmates to go make paper airplane’s then throw them on Wendy. After that, Tracey went to the bathroom and there was bunch of soap and water and she slipped. Then her friend saw her and helped her go to the office. The office called her parents and her parents came and they took her to the hospital. Next the doctor took an x-ray and said she would need a wheelchair. Suddenly Tracey shouted and said “I don’t want to be in a wheelchair I hope I didn’t go to the bathroom”. While Tracey was doing that, Wendy went to the hospital because she had an appointment and the doctor took her an x-ray and said she didn’t need a wheelchair anymore. Wendy was so happy. After the weekend, Tracey was back at school and people started laughing at her and she was embarrassed .When people saw Wendy they were shocked and they were kind.

Don’t bully people or the things that you did to them will come back to you…

Factory Feedback was created with, and generously supported by, the Dusseldorp Forum.

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