Where Did Ginger Go by Dünya

By Dunya, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

I was called to the scene of a crime by a devastated young lady. All I could hear over the phone were sobs of sadness. This young lady said that her name was Jiji and that I needed to rush over immediately. I jumped into my car (which had my name as the plate number ‘Didi’) and got there as soon as I could.

On Thursday the 24th Jijis grandmother got her a cat for her 14th birthday and 18 months later Jijis cat gave birth to 5 gorgeous kittens. The first kitten was ginger and white, the second kitten was dark grey, the third kitten was ginger, white, black and grey, the fourth kitten was ginger and black and the fifth kitten was plain ginger and her paws were white. The mother cat was black and ginger and the father cat was grey and white. The father cat is gone but the mother stayed with her kittens. Jiji had called the first cat spots, the second cat midnight, the third cat 4 seasons, the fourth cat spotto and the fifth cat ginger. Now, Jiji absolutely loves animals, especially cats, so having kittens was a big deal for her.  

Jiji and her grandma live in a small street with small houses in a small house. Jiji has friends all the way up and down the street, everyone’s friends apart from the mean old lady and the really annoying older boys. The mean old lady has grey hair, brown eyes and wrinkles all over her face. She doesn’t like to interact with people, she always sits on her small balcony drinking her tea. 

The kittens were so cute that everyday all their neighbors would come and play with the kittens, have some biscuits and tea then go home in the evening. One day even the old lady came to see them! 

But then things started to get weird. Jiji woke up one day and went to the market with her grandma to get a bed for the kittens since they were getting big but they saw the old lady there buying cat food! The old lady never had cats and doesn’t like animals. It was quite unusual to see her even go to the market, any time she needed something she’d call her son to get it but it seems this time things have changed. Not only did they see her at the market but when they got home the old lady ran inside being careful when she opened the door. She never did that! When Jiji went inside she ran to her kittens to show them what she got them but when she saw that ginger was missing she almost fainted! 

Ginger was her favourite kitten and now she is gone! Jiji looked everywhere, under the house, inside the house, in the backyard and she even knocked on everyone’s door! But Ginger was nowhere to be seen! Poor Ginger she is still a little baby and now is gone she doesn’t even know her way around the backyard! 

Jiji knocked on the door of the old lady but she didn’t answer. Jiji felt worried and was thinking of the worst possible solutions. She had anxiety building up inside of her and couldn’t control it. This was odd because she was home. So why didn’t she open the door? Jiji went back home filled with different emotions but hoping she would come back but the next day there was no sign of Ginger or the next or the next! Ginger is gone and even Ginger’s mum is worried.

Then Jiji noticed something: ever since Ginger was gone the old lady never came out to sit on her balcony. Now that’s how we are here looking for Ginger btw I am detective Didi, I was called to find Ginger and help calm Jiji down. 

There are two suspects and 1 possible solution. The 2 suspects are the naughty boys who live on the left of Jiji and the old lady who is really sus that lives on the right of Jiji. Or Ginger might have run away.

I went over to the old lady’s house to make her open the door and when I told her we don’t want the police to be involved but I might have to call them she gave in and opened the door. She came outside and I asked her if she had seen a ginger cat. She shook her head in denial and asked “Whose cat are we talking about!” I said Jiji has lost her cat and just as I was about to ask if she knew where it could have gone I saw a little ginger cat poke its head out from the corner of the door and let out a small meow. I asked if that was her cat and she said “It’s my cat.” I looked at the cat for a while and it looked exactly like Jijis cat. I reasked the question and she actually said “It’s not really my cat, it’s Jijis but I was so lonely and wanted company that I took it.” I told her she needed to give her back even though she argued a lot she finally gave in and brought her back. Jiji promised her to give her 4 seasons when they get a little bit older and she accepted. At last Jiji has her cat and the old lady got 4 seasons.


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