Where have we gone

By Jihad

When the world goes
Silent into the endless
Sea we call our
Perilous mind creating insane
Illusions, keeping us alive
Amidst a sea of temporary
Loss which none believe
Our lovely bodies gone
With our souls of different
Black white green
Red flying into a crowd of
Despair sorrow regret anger
Happiness joy curiosity prosperity
Lifeless breathless homeless nomads
Groups of unbelonging unified

Our colourful eyes clouded
By the therapy of sleepful wakingness
wakeful sleepingness, learning the depths
Of us blinded
By the blinding
Dark of closed lids
Painful screams of broken
Kids running laughing
A limbo line into
A dream gate
Placed on a scale weighing
Our light and dark
Then gracefully flying
A stairway to courage
Or falling towards
The slingshot of deathly petrification