Why children must do house work

By Chioma, Year 5

Written as part of Factory Feedback

Parents, do you think your children are starting to be lazy? Well an easy suggestion to that is to make your child HAVE to do housework. Studies say that 94% of children who help around in the house succeed in life. So be a help to your children and teach them how to cook, clean and wash.

First of all, children of this century have evolved to be lazy. Children these days hardly notice how much time and energy their parents or carers take out to do the cooking for them. You must teach your children how to cook at least the basics, with supervision of course. If you do so, your children will respect the food that you make much more than before.

Moving on, you must teach your children how to clean. 56% of every child’s room has been messy for over half of their lives. Your children usually expect you to clean their room for them. You need to show them how to make their bed and clean up their toys once they’re done playing with them.

Lastly, you need to teach your children how to wash the dishes. Children usually dump their dishes in the sink for you to wash. But if you teach your children to do the dishes, I’m positive that they would be much less lazy and will respect the dishes more. They won’t use 10 spoons to make one meal ever again.

In conclusion, those are only the basics of teaching your children to do work around the house. Although, I am absolutely positive that you must teach your children how to do chor

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