Why doesn’t he notice me? by Kittana

By Kittana, Year 9

Written as part of Factory Feedback

He never seems to notice me. He never notices the way I look at him or the way I smile when he’s around.

 He never notices how I get distant when I’m upset or how I talk louder when I feel excited. 

He never notices how I try to talk to him during class, 

he’s never complimented me about… well anything. My personality or my looks. 

Still, he always seems to listen when I talk. His green eyes connect with mine while he talks or focuses on me when I speak. He talks to me about random topics when I’m bored, he teases me about the things I’m scared of, in a joking way, it seems to be the start of our conversations. 

I’ve noticed that he stares at me but he’ll turn away or maybe… No, I’m just delusional.

 He doesn’t notice me

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