Why you don’t trust people by Maaz

By Maaz, Year 5

I found a helicopter that crashed into the Earth in Japan and I had to fix it. I could get on it and drive but I don’t have a helicopter license. I drove it to the pokemon shop.

The helicopter was invented to save people in bad moments and it was TOO fast to drive.

Friends but there was a person down my helicopter and the person had a weapon. I went to my lab and found a code pad. I didn’t know what the code was but I am a detective and I can figure it out. It was hard to find it but I remember that street code I saw on my phone on 64 Bolai St. But I need to get the weapons. I think, oh, 64 Bolai St I had found some numbers on the strange man. I had a photo of him and I think it could be the code because the code had 5 numbers. I tried it and it worked. But I was still thinking about the guy who is trying to help me. 

I finally got the weapons then I got in the heli. I felt like I was being spied on, I was trying to look around. I said, “Is anyone there?” because I needed to help save the trapped guy.’ I found one clue and it said “Your friends who trapped the guy”. I said “who are you?” I found a note again and the note “I am Jap”. I was thinking he was in Japan. The last name is Khan. His full name is Jap Sauc Khan. But I said “where can I meet you?” and found the note again it said “heli” then I shouted “OK!”

I went to the heli and I found a note. I will show myself, not me, Jap. Ok I said. Then I saw him but he was wearing a black jacket and black jeans. He said go to 64 Bolai St. He guided me there and I found a tunnel. I saw 5 people and 1 person trapped. The person that was trapped is my friend. 

I know they want to drive the heli. The guy Jap was a part of them, not a part of my team, he was just trying to help me…

To Be Continued!!!!! _