Zimbabwean Description

By Larissa, Year 6

Written as part of Factory Feedback

As the wrinkles and smile lines hug her face the Zimbabwean lady stares down the camera lens with big, dull gray lifeless eyes. Her clothing is very warm, colourful and vibrant, but the bright blue amacubi stands out to me the most. You see from her crooked smile that she had been through trauma and many adventurous things throughout her life. Her skin lay loose around her cheeks as she stands on a mountain of sand with gorgeous green trees whistling in the background.

The sun rains down onto her nose. The shininess of her nose shoots the camera lens in the face.The traditional jewelry that hangs around her neck was carefully put together with red, white and black beads that overlap around her slim neck. I feel that she must have had a very sad, troubled and traumatising life full of hardship.

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