An Unexpected Journey by Kai Goës

One day, Thorin was just getting out of bed, putting on his clothes and armour, before setting off with five of his soldiers to kill some animals for breakfast. He just killed the usual animals – snakes, wild horses, and little insects. The soldiers were also trying to find out where Thorin’s treasure was. The treasure was stolen WAY WAY before they moved into Knight Swamp.

But on the way back, he remembered that he had sent out a party of ten men to the Goblin Mountains. So he set off with some of his soldiers. When hey got there they found eight dead men, and two unconscious ones.

When he looked at one of the unconscious men he realised that he was his Captain, Tom Cross.

“Are you alright, Tom?” Thorin asked.

“Yes, fine,” he answered in a hoarse voice, “but the treasure is in the Sixth Mountain.”

Then Tom told Thorin that the Goblin leaders had attacked them so they couldn’t find the treasure. When they got back to the Knight Swamp, Thorin gathered his leaders and discussed their quest.

The meeting went on for an hour and a half until finally, they decided that they were going to attack the Goblin Mountains.

First, they went past the Giants Cave – only because it was a short-cut. They began to sneak past the Giants lair. But, unfortunately, the Giant woke up. There was a small battle. But mainly, while they were fighting they were moving. Finally, they defeated the giant by Tom shooting an arrow at the Giants heart.

After, Thorin made a choice: he could go through the Dino Forest and lost MORE men, or: he could go around Dino Forest.

Thorin decided that he would rather save his men than go into the forest. The journey was long around the Dino Forest – but it would be worth it.

After they made their important choice about the Dino Forest, they camped out near Mount Happiness for one night. The next morning, it took a few hours to get the closest village to Mount Happiness to get supplies, including food and water for themselves, and apples, hay and water for the horses. They also had to get new arrow-heads. Once they had their fill, got water, got new arrow-heads, they were ready to charge and fight the Goblins. And, of course: find THEIR treasure.

But before they set off – Thorin sent a small group of soldiers to Dwarf Territory aka - Erebor.

While the men were going to Erebor, Thorin travelled fast until they came to Goblin Mountain. They camped out one last time. The next day, early in the morning, as soon as they could, they got ready for THE BATTLE!!

This is what Thorin was waiting for. It took a few hours to get to the Second Mountain. But finally they were there. The Goblins charged at the Knights. Knights charged at the Goblins – THE BATTLE HAD BEGUN!

The knights fought ferociously. The Knights actually gained power and pushed the Goblins back. But the Goblins regained power. This went on for at least 5 and a half hours, until the Goblins gained more power by sending in reinforcements. The Knights tried to regain power – but failed. The Knights were losing.

But right when they all thought they were dead, the Dwarvs arrived! The Dwarvs charged like crazy. They pushed the Goblins way back. After that – Thorin and Tom took a rest.

The Knights and the Dwarves managed to get pass the 3rd and the 4th Mountains. But then the Goblin regained power AGAIN. The Dwarves and the Knights just looked like they must just lose. But then they heard a trumpeting sound and...

The Elves appeared right out of the blue! With the Elves, the Dwarvs, and the Knights – they went through to the 5th and the 6th Mountains. In the 6th Mountain Thorin found the treasure!

They had fought they way to the treasure! The Battle was WON!!

The way back took a few days. When they did get back, Thorin decided to do: to help the Elves, the Dwarves, and the Knights. He gave the Dwarves new picks and axes so they could mine in the Dwarf Territory for diamonds and sapphires.

He helped the Elves reclaim No Man’s Land so they could extend their territory. He gave the Knights new weapons and armour so they could protect themselves better and promoted Tom to Commander.

Thorin had changed. He no longer just went out to hunt. Now he shared his wealth with others. he became a kinder, less selfish person.

At Knight Swamp he built a huge castle where he lived with his knights and villagers. In that way he protected his territory, his people and his treasure from invaders.