Be part of the story. Become a Sydney Story Factory Inkwell.

Want to help light the spark of creativity and change young lives? One of the very best ways you can get involved and support the Sydney Story Factory is by becoming a Sydney Story Factory Inkwell.

Inkwells are a wonderful group of people who keep the creativity pumping and the ideas flowing all year round.

With a gift of $30 a month – less than a dollar a day – you can sponsor a child's place so that every month one more marginalised young person can attend one of our innovative creative writing workshops. Your gift will ensure they receive the one-on-one attention that could transform their writing skills and send them back out into the world with a whole new self-confidence.

That could mean that every month - yes, every month - another young person like 13-year-old Bindi (who has written stories, made animations, and even produced a (very scary) horror film in workshops with us) has the chance to unleash her creativity and discover the writer within. And that could change her life.

But don't just take our word for it. This is what Bindi herself would tell you: 

“Before I knew about the Sydney Story Factory, I didn’t, like, really know how to express myself in writing. I knew how to write, but I wasn’t really into writing. Now I am, because it’s really cool and it’s imaginative and it takes me places.” 

As a Sydney Story Factory Inkwells you'll receive regular updates about the impact your gifts are having. You'll also receive, as a special thank you, the very unique Martian Mail from the inimitable Marcia the Martian Librarian, which includes writing activities your favourite small Earthlings can try at home.

Ready to join us and become a Sydney Story Factory Inkwell? You can sign up right now at our Donation page.

Or read more about what it means to be a Sydney Story Factory Inkwell here.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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