Earth 2 by Jack

My name is Jack and I’m exploring a new planet. It’s small, it has lots of water and not much life. Anyone can come here, but they have to follow the rules.


1.     Everyone has the power to fly. When you’re there you just jump up and start flying.

2.     Everyone can breathe underwater.

3.     You have to eat white or dark chocolate. It just appears in a random spot and you have to go and find it. Milk chocolate appears exactly where you are, but you don’t have to eat it.

4.     You cannot break anything. If you want to break something you can’t, because the planet won’t let you.

5.     Everyone must be kind to each other.

6.     People can float since there is low gravity. You can put something on your back so you don’t float away too much.

7.     You are able to find things easily, because if you lose something and you’re looking for it, it’s floating over your head.

8.     You can build shops to work at to get money.