Uluru Mystery by Jayden

Chapter 1

Looking through his drawer of documents, Wattle Hammond suddenly hears the ring of the doorbell. He looks through the keyhole and answers in a female voice; “What do you want? Go away!”

“Your voice can’t fool me, Wattle,” answers a familiar voice.

“What’s the password?”

“I hate cats,” another known voice says.

“Come in Steve and James! Should have known it would have been you two!” Wattle says, excitedly flinging the door open.

“Ms Connie, could you get some tea and biscuits for his guests?” So as they came inside the house they enter the lounge room.

“So why are you here, Steve and James?” Wattle asks as he takes a sip from his tea.


Chapter 2

A week later, Wattle arrives at the site of the mysterious phenomenon. Standing there, he takes a photo of the aftermath of what Steve and James described to him: silver liquid bubbling out of the ground, eroding the rock face of Uluru. Taking notes in his notebook, he then equips his leather gloves and extracts some of the substance via a special syringe. He then opens his briefcase, takes out a microscope, and prepares the substance on a slide. What he discovers next is very unusual, as he discovers living cells inside the liquid.

“Hey! I’ve found something interesting with the substance!” Wattle exclaims, running over to the investigators of the scene.

“What have you found Wattle? It took you a week to get here - so I hope you’ve found something good,” the investigation leader asks.

“Well, I have found living cells in the silver substance. We will need to take it to the lab to get tested, but this is a start.”

“OK then. I’ll get my guys to take it to the lab immediately.”


Chapter 3

“Back on the truck,” Wattle says, traveling along the truck to the nearest lab. Along the way, a figure comes into sight.

“Wait! Stop!” exclaims the figure.

“Hey! Professor Grand Nez. Hop on. We’re just taking a substance to the lab,” the investigator leader says. Grand Nez hops on the wagon.