Light the Spark of Creativity

Do something special this Christmas. Give the gift of creativity. 

A gift of $30 will ensure that another marginalised child or young person can take part in one of our creative writing workshops.

That means a child or teen most at-risk of losing confidence in their writing abilities and switching off at school will have the chance to unleash their imagination and find their voice.

Ready to make a donation? Thank you! Skip straight through to our Donation Page HERE.

In our crazy, fun, colourful workshops we light the spark of creativity for young people who are Indigenous, from language backgrounds other than English, from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and marginalised in other ways - with support needs, chronic illness, homeless, LGBTQI and more. Like you, we believe all Australian young people should have every opportunity to stand tall and take their place in the world.

Through the magic of creative writing and storytelling we're changing many, many young lives every day. And that's only possible because of the wonderful generosity of people like you.

But don't take our work for it. Meet Farhan, and Chiara and Maham.

Farhan loves soccer, but in our workshops he's become an accomplished story writer. He says the thing that makes Sydney Story Factory different to school is that "[At] school they give you a topic and you just have to write about it but at the SSF they give you a topic but you think about it... more longer."

Chiara has discovered that she loves writing, and it's heaps of fun. She says her favourite story is the one where she wrote about being in the sewer because, "it got all my ideas down onto paper. Not like I normally do where I get the feeling where I'm stuck."

Maham loves coming to the Sydney Story Factory because, "its safer and I don't have to worry about people judging me when I stand in front of them and read my story." Maham has flourished in our workshops. And she's gone one step further - she's now volunteering as a tutor so that she can share the same experience with other children.

Will you help light the spark of creativity and transform the worlds of other young people like Farhan and Chiara and Maham?

A simple donation really will change lives. And we can't do it without you. What are you waiting for? Please click through to our Donate Page HERE and make a donation today.

 Want to hear more from our students? Want to hear from parents and teachers and community workers and volunteers who are seeing for themselves the life-changing impact of our creative writing workshops? Read our brand new, Not Boring Annual Report right HERE.


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